Tattoo Finish
Tattoo Finish
Tattoo Finish
Tattoo Finish

Tattoo Finish

Tattoo Finish Spray is used to finish the tattoo, keeping in the maximum amount of ink by sealing the skin and reducing the swelling.

Ingredients: Aqua, denatured alcohol, aluminum sulfate, glycerin.

Contents: 240ml

Made in Germany


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Tattoo Finish Spray - Skin cleanser is sprayed immediately after cleaning the freshly tattooed skin. It close the skin pores, bleeding immediately and swelling is reduced. Some of the best tattoo artists worldwide use tattoo finish, because the bleeding of the tattoo color is reduced and more color remains under the skin.
Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohol denat., Aluminium Sulfate, Glycerin
Content: 240ml
Made in Germany

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