Course: Artificial intelligence applied to tattoo

MARCH 23rd or 24rd


1-Let's talk about the different programs that are currently most popular.

2- Connection with AI and its operation.

3- Tools and Resources for creating images with AI.

4-Application and practical examples of AI in tattooing.

5-Development of an Image Creation Project.


Here you can start creating your images, with your style and aesthetic tastes, with the help of MUNNOZART.


Artificial intelligence course applied to tattooing

Arte Sano Tattoo Supplies in Bilbao, together with MUNNOZART, presents the second edition of the MasterClass course on Artificial Intelligence applied to tattooing.

During the course, aimed at tattoo artists and digital art lovers, you will learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a revolutionary tool for the creation of impressive designs and styles for tattoos.



The first part of the course will focus on the basics of Artificial Intelligence and how it relates to the world of tattooing. It will also introduce the tools and resources necessary for creating images with AI. In this section, different programmes and techniques used by artists from all over the world will be discussed.

1- Introduction to AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an increasingly popular tool in the creation of tattoo designs but there is also a lot of controversy surrounding its use.

During this section, MUNNOZART will explain the basics of AI and how it relates to the world of tattooing.

2- Connection with AI and how it works

In this section, we will explain how AI works in the context of tattooing. The different algorithms and methods used to create images and designs with AI will be discussed.

3- Tools and resources for AI image creation

You will be introduced to the tools and resources needed to create images and designs with AI. Different programmes and techniques that are being used by artists around the world will be explored.

4- Implementing AI in faces.

We will also learn how to use Insight Face technology to create real images with the face of a specific person. This will allow us to make personalised designs for clients who want them, for example a family portrait with a Japanese or Viking theme, or whatever the client wishes.

5- Application and practical examples of AI in tattooing

In this section, different practical examples of how AI is being used in the world of tattooing will be presented. AI can be used to create unique and personalised designs for each client.

6- Developing an Image Creation Project

During the last section of the theory, MUNNOZART will guide you through the development of an imaging project using AI. You will learn how to use the tools and resources presented above to create your own artwork.

Explore the technical essentials: Coils, power supplies and more.

In this course, we'll explore the different types of coils and their influence on your machine's performance. You'll learn about the right power supplies for optimal results and how the foot pedal can affect performance.

In addition, you will become an expert in the selection of needles, grips and tips to enhance your work. With the knowledge of gromets and the importance of a quality clip cord, you will be prepared to master every technical detail in your tattoo sessions.

Practical Exercises

In the second part of the MasterClass, you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in theory. We will walk you through different practical exercises in which you will be able to create your own images using AI. You will be able to use your own style and aesthetic tastes to create unique and personalised designs.

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