Vlad Blad Avenger 3 Pro Wireless...
Vlad Blad Avenger 3 Pro Wireless...
Vlad Blad Avenger 3 Pro Wireless...
Vlad Blad Avenger 3 Pro Wireless...
Vlad Blad Avenger 3 Pro Wireless...

Vlad Blad Avenger 3 Pro Wireless Rotary Machine

It only takes 7 seconds for the unique MultiStroke™ mode change system to switch between six tattoo modes. Forget about screwdrivers and reassembling the machine. It's done without pausing a current session. In less than seven seconds, you get access to a full selection of available strokes: 3.2 - 3.5 - 3.8 - 4.2 - 4.7 - 5.5 mm. Dual connector, RCA and Clip Cord.


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6 Machines in 1 Wireless.

In just 7 seconds, you can take advantage of the incredible MultiStroke technology and switch between 6 different modes (strokes: 3.2, 3.5, 3.8, 4.2, 4.7 and 5.5 millimetres). 

No need for screwdrivers or disassembling your machine: this transformation happens right in the middle of your tattoo session!

When working on fine lines, you may encounter delicate skin. You want to reduce the voltage and apply less pressure on the needle to avoid leaking ink, which can lead to slower work. The ideal solution is to keep the voltage intact and soften the stroke by reducing the stroke length.

On the other hand, when you tattoo with large lines or your clients have thicker skin, you may need to apply more pressure to ensure solid coverage. Some artists increase the voltage, but this often leads to the fact that you still need to go back and trace the line again in some places. The perfect solution is to maintain the voltage and increase the sharpness of the stroke by extending the stroke length.

And when you use a "one-size-fits-all" machine with a 4-millimetre stroke for shading, you struggle with noticeable pixelation when you're looking for smooth shading. Avenger 3 Pro allows you to switch to 3.2 millimetres, increase the voltage and work three times faster for incredibly smooth shading.

We can provide countless more examples of how, during a single session, you could create tattoos faster and with higher quality if you could quickly adjust stroke length rather than voltage. This capability allows you to make your tattoo art softer or more powerful on the fly, resulting in tattoos that will look stunning for years to come.

With Avenger 3 Pro, you can fully concentrate on your tattoo art during your session, without worrying about equipment issues. After all, you can easily switch between 6 modes at once:

  • 3.2 millimetres (from 100 to 130 Hz): achieve fantastic pixel-free grey shading quickly and easily. Minimal irritation and redness guaranteed. These shades will not disappear for six months to a year.
  • 3.5 millimetres (from 85 to 115 Hz): delicate washed out grey shade, soft colour and intense colours for those who prefer to work with soft machines.
  • 3.8 millimetres (80 to 110 Hz): ideal for colour packing, fine to medium lines and stable results.
  • 4.2 millimetres (70 to 110 Hz): Advanced mode for fast colour packing and medium to large lines. Great whip shading.
  • 4.7 millimetres (60 to 100 Hz): Designed for confident artists, enabling super-fast solid colour and large line packing. Great aggressive whip shading.
  • 5.5 millimetres (30 to 70 Hz): the crazy mode for true artists, handle with care!

*Hertz (Hz) represents the frequency of needle oscillations per second.

Upgrade to Avenger 3 Pro and experience a tattoo machine that will help your art shine for years to come.

The ultimate tattoo multi-tool.

Designed for experienced tattooists, but suitable for beginners. This machine is your ticket to experiment with multiple modes during a single session, helping you discover your unique combinations of strokes and speeds for maximum effectiveness. It is suitable for any needle or cartridge configuration, all skin types, pigments of any density and all tattoo styles.

Set the machine and it works perfectly with both 3RL for small jobs and 49M for black jobs!

Pack faster, heal faster with less trauma!

Real innovations.

Mechanical systems:

MultiStroke: quick stroke adjustment during the session.

A heavy flywheel in the motor that stores and then returns energy from the tension of the cartridge membrane, improving the sharpness of the stroke.

SkinResponse: A spring-loaded mechanism element that allows slightly extended needle contact under the skin at high speeds and stroke lengths, reducing trauma and increasing pigment density.

Anti-gravity: magnets within the system that act against the resistance of the cartridge membrane, making each stroke a little sharper and injecting more pigment.

Electronic systems:

DirectPower: an advanced motor control unit that guarantees power.

StableHit: a system that detects the smallest changes in needle pressure and instantly adjusts the motor speed, avoiding speed drops in difficult areas of the skin when using larger needles.

Start-stop: turns the motor on and off, detecting your movements.

starts and stops the engine, detecting your movements.

Intelligent charging: When the battery runs low, it charges quickly (15 minutes of charging provides approximately one and a half hours of work). When the battery is at 80%, it switches to a slower charging mode, prolonging battery life.

The power of simplicity and reliability!

Our machine is built to last, ensuring that your sessions remain as powerful and consistent as the first day, even after a year of intense tattooing. No more hassle with complex adjustments that require screwdrivers: our system remains rock solid.

Designed by professionals for professionals, but perfect for beginners. With Avenger 3 Pro, you can easily discover and perfect your unique style by playing with different modes and speeds. It's your canvas, let your creativity run wild!

We've reinforced all the mechanical parts for maximum durability and our smart electronics have your back: they'll shut down the motor to prevent overheating if you dare to stop the machine with your bare hands.

Avenger 3 Pro: it's not just a machine; it's your unrelenting tattoo partner that's always ready to deliver unparalleled performance - join the revolution!

Let's talk about the battery:

Our machine has an interchangeable battery that you can charge either inside the machine or with any external battery charger. Avenger 3 Pro comes with a high quality Panasonic 18500 battery common to many machines and you can easily buy replacement batteries.

Battery life depends significantly on speed and stroke settings. For example, a frequently used mode for line and packing is a 4.2 millimetre stroke at 85 Hz. Using this mode, you will get up to 7 hours of work. And if you forget to charge your machine before a session, fear not: in just 15 minutes, the battery is charged for approximately 1.5 hours of operation. Our built-in intelligent smart charging system quickly replenishes fully depleted batteries and switches to a slower charging mode when the battery reaches 80%, extending its lifespan. And, if you need to replace the battery quickly, you can do so by easily opening the battery compartment cover.

Size and weight:

We've managed to pack all this technology and power into a sleek aerospace-grade aluminum body, which weighs just 134 grams (4.72 ounces) without the battery and 167 grams (5.89 ounces) with it. The size and weight distribution are remarkably comfortable, even when using lightweight disposable grips.

Green responsibility:

Avenger 3 Pro is made from partially recycled aerospace grade aluminium. Metallurgical waste is fully recycled. Chemically hazardous by-products generated during the casing coating process are purified and not discharged into rivers. The battery is easily replaceable by yourself, without having to replace the entire device. All mechanical components of the machine are built to last and guarantee long-term reliability.

We've removed all the unnecessary extras from the package, including the USB-C cable; because let's face it, you probably already have several lying around. We've simplified the packaging in favour of environmental friendliness. We focused exclusively on what you'll work with for hours every day, not what ends up in the landfill or gathering dust in your cupboard.

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